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The Quilting Barre is a portable, 'easy to store' way to measure borders and sashings while you create your beautiful quilts.  Wave goodbye to wavy borders for good!

About Us


How it all began....

I am a long arm quilter and I see so many beautiful quilts!  Often, the inner quilt lays flat but the borders get wavy - sometimes very wavy!  My customers invest so much time, money and love into their quilts only to be disappointed with the end result in the borders.  


"But I don't measure" or "I hate to measure"

Measuring is the only way to ensure that your quilt lays flat.  I had to come up with a way to make measuring easy, fun and accurate.  Thus, the Quilting Barre was born.

"I don't have room for that!"  Yes you do!!  The Quilting Barre can be put up in any room or hallway.  It goes together in 2-3 minutes and is stored in a duffel bag in your closet or under a bed.  


The Quilting Barre was invented by a quilter for quilters.

I developed the Quilting Barre to be easy to store, easy to put together and most of all - easy to measure!!  No longer will you be trying to measure on the floor, on a lumpy bed or having to travel to church to use one of their tables.  No need to con the husband into holding the tape measure.  This unit stores in a duffel bag and goes together in 2-3 minutes.  The unique fabric on the top pole holds the fabric in place and the special measuring tape secures to the pole at one end of the quilt while you walk to the other end to get an accurate measurement.  

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